Monday, April 3, 2017

Experiment #11 (b)

I've been working on my character development for the narrative project. I had already finished chapter one but have stalled out on further work. The idea of really fleshing out my character before moving forward seems like a great idea, however, it also feels a bit daunting. Is it really that important to know the length of my character's fingers? I tried to pair down some of the list of sample questions given in class to a more manageable and pertinent query into the history and workings of my protagonist. Here is what I've done so far:

Character Bible – Narrative #1
Full name: Olivia “Liv” Renee Fielding
Origin of nickname: parent’s called her Liv or Livy
Age: 35
DOB: August 8, 1981
Current Location: Southern California
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: White
Health/mental health: Depression, former issues with alcoholism, eating disorders?
Religion: Christian, level of commitment TBA
Political: No real association
Personal Moral Code: starts with very rigid moral ideas but becomes more flexible as story continues

Parents: Anne Watson (age 62) / Arthur “Art” Watson (age 65) divorced
Siblings: Sarah Tompkins (age 37)
Significant other: Samuel “Sam” Robert Fielding - husband (age 45)
Children: Dylan Samuel (age 8) / Rose Olivia (age 7)
Friends: Colin West, Janine Diamante
Reputation among family: positive, though feels weary of past damage done, has contentious relationship with mother, unfulfilling relationship with Sam
Reputation among friends: well-liked, outgoing, often feels like she goes above and beyond and not necessarily reciprocated

Significant events: parents’ divorce, alcohol/eating disorder history as a teen, suicide attempts, arrest and rehabilitation

Literacy level: High
Education: some college, quit after meeting and marrying Sam
Job: Stay-at-home parent for majority of adulthood, recently began working at part-time job TBD
Hobbies: painter

Height: 5’9”
Weight: 140 lbs (thin but not overly skinny, athletic-ish)
Hair color/length: Dark blonde and shoulder-length
Eye Color: Blue
Tattoos/Piercings: Lower back ‘tramp stamp’ of a yellow bird
Other: nail-biter, attractive

Introspective, but likes to be around people. Sensitive, cries when angry, doesn’t cry when sad. Doesn’t like conflict/confrontation. Feels frustrated with current station in life. Conflicted about desire for attention and the belief that people would pay attention if they really cared for her. Holds onto resentments. Fears hurting people but also fears not living up to her potential. 

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  1. Good work. Has this been helping you continue your story?