Friday, May 5, 2017

Weekly Word Count

What am I currently working on?
As the end of the end of the semester approaches, I am starting to scramble to wrap up the loose ends I have still left to do. I haven't done a ton of creative writing lately, but I did finish my dramatic scene that is due on Monday. It is a one-act play (my first-ever attempt at a play) about an encounter between two people on a park bench. The woman is initially disinterested and slightly disgusted by the man, but as the conversation unfolds, he ends up bringing exactly the kind of insight she needs in her life.

Word Count: 1875

How do I feel about the process?
Pretty good. I'm glad to have finished something. I have a hard time completing anything, as evidenced by the several stories on this blog I have failed to follow through on.

What am I currently reading/watching?
Still only reading text books and bedtime stories. My son is into Minecraft fan-fiction novels. The writing style is pretty simplistic so I've been paying particular attention to the way the author formulates their sentences and details to see what is required to do something along those lines.
I've run out of free episodes of True Blood, so I can finally stop torturing my eyeballs with that show. I started Transparent, which is an Amazon original series, and I think the story line is really interesting and relevant. The acting is pretty good too. I grew up loving the movie Now and Then, so watching Gabi Hoffman act as an adult is always a bit of a trip. Lastly, I've actually been really inspired by music lately and my latest favorite album is Halsey's Badlands. It's a 'just-let-it-play' type of album, so I would totally recommend it.

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