Tuesday, March 28, 2017

100 (ish) word story

In class yesterday, we did a brief experiment on a (very) short story. We had just about 5 minutes or so to let a words or phrase spark a story that would convey some sort of thought or emotion for the reader. This is my very rough draft using the first word I saw on a random book page: KISS

They stared at each other. Their faces only inches apart now, breath intermixing in the space between them. 

It was a bad idea. 

They both knew it. But rationality had long disappeared from their minds and been replaced by the singular thought that nothing else mattered in this moment except closing the gap. They were magnets. Fighting the constant and invisible force urging them together had been exhausting. It was time to surrender. 

Word Count: 73
Meh. But a fun exercise none the less!

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